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Indulge in all 8 shades!

Introducing Flexi Gel - the hypoallergenic self-levelling multipurpose base you can use for your Xtensions! This versatile gel can also be used as a strengthening base coat or rubber base type gel.

So try it out and let your imagination go wild!

Kit contains:

15g Iris

15g Minerva

15g Athena

15g Aphrodite

15g Nyx

15g Hera

15g Persephone

15g Artemis

*As Flexi gel is a fast polymerising gel (it can cure in as little as 30 seconds!) it can feel a little spicy to clients who have thinner or sensitive nails when applying a thicker layer of the product for a "builder" layer or rubber base. For clients who are more sensitive apply 2 thin base coats before your builder layer and always use 90 seconds low heat mode.

To see the full list of ingredients for Flexi Gel click here

Using Flexi Gel as a Rubber Base/ Builder type product:

1. Prep the natural nails using a 180 or 240 nail file or sanding band then apply Xprime. Do not apply any cleaners, dehydrators or acetone to the natural nail after prep as this can over dehydrate the nail and lead to premature lifting of the gel.

2. Apply a thin layer of Flexi gel to the natural nail and cure in our Lumi Lamp on 30 second or 90 second low heat mode.

3. Apply a thin slip layer, then float a little more product over the nail and allow the product to self-level. It is very important you do not apply a large bead of product or apex using Flexi Gel as this product is not designed to be applied thick and curing may be affected, instead to add additional strength add another layer of gel.

4. Cure on 30 second or 90 second low heat mode.

5a. IF REFINING Remove the inhibition layer, refine very gently using a 240 buffer, remember this product is softer than builder gel. Apply gel polish when happy with the finish.

5b. Apply gel polish straight on top if there is no refining required.

Using Flexi Gel as a strengthening base:

1. Prep the natural nails using your preferred Nail Order method and apply Xprime.

2. Apply one or two thin layers of Flexi Gel (depending on strength required) to the natural nail, curing in our Lumi Lamp for 30 seconds (or on 90 second low heat mode for clients with sensitive nails).

3. Apply gel polish or top coat.

Using Flexi Gel as an Xtensions adhesive:

1. Prep the natural nail and full cover tips using your preferred Nail Order method: Xprep, Xetch or Efile. (Click here to see how we use these methods)

2. Add a bead of Flexi gel to the tip of the Xtension and apply to the natural nail at a 45 degree angle (no slip layer on natural nail required).

3. Flash cure - keeping a firm hold, raise to under the UV light and hold for approx 10 seconds (or until there is no movement).

*it is very important to ensure that you hold the finger no closer than 10cm to the light when curing. If you place the nail too close to the light (as with any UV gel product) it could cause a heat spike which can lead to damage to the nail bed and conditions such as onycholysis.

4. Ask client to hold the curing finger under the lamp for 30 seconds whilst you work on the other hand.

5. Once all Xtensions are complete place both hands in the lamp for an additional 30 seconds to ensure full cure (as sometimes clients may accidentally move their hand during the flash curing process).

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