Xtensions Starter Kit

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Our best selling kit is back with a refresh!

Xtensions are a game-changing system that every nail tech needs in their salon or space. Our soft gel, full cover tips were meticulously designed to revolutionise the nail industry, as a more time efficient and cost effective solution to traditional nail enhancements. 

Starter kit includes:

-18g Xgel

-14g Xprep

-Xtensions torch stand

-Rechargeable torch (with USB cable)

-600pcs tip box 


Our pre-etched tips - short stiletto, medium almond and medium coffin- all run from sizes 0-9. These include double size 5's and 6's to give you 600pcs per box and 50pcs per refill bag.

Most other tips run from sizes 0-11 with 50pcs per size to give you 600pcs per box and 50pcs per refill bag.

Our XL tips run from sizes 0-11 with 30pcs per size to give you 360pcs per box and 30pcs per refill bag.

Our long square runs from sizes 0-9. These include double size 5's and 6's to give you 360pcs per box and 30pcs per refill bag.

All Tip Trial Packs contain 48 pieces.

1. Prep natural nails.

2. Select tip sizes.

3. Prime the natural nails and Etch the tips using your preferred Nail Order method: Xprep, Xetch, Efile.

4. Apply an appropriate sized bead of Xgel to the base of the tip.

5. Apply the tip to the natural nail at a 45 degree angle (lined up to the cuticle) slowly pressing down until the gel meets the free edge.

6. Keeping a firm hold, raise to under the UV light and hold for approx 5 seconds (or until there is no movement).

7. Ask client to hold the curing finger under the lamp for 30 seconds whilst you work on the other hand.

IMPORTANT INFO... It is very important to ensure that you hold the finger no closer than 10cm to the light when curing. If you place the nail too close to the light (as with any UV gel product) it could cause a heat spike which can lead to damage to the nail bed and conditions such as onycholysis.

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Our gels that are manufactured in China and independently tested outside the country to verify the ingredients with our last testing done in September 2022.

All of our products meet the 2009/1223 regulations for GB (previously EU)

Our gels are manufactured to our formula with low percentage allergens.

Our products are registered on the cosmetic product notification portal (CPNP).

Our gel factory is ISO22716:2007 certified which ensures good manufacturing processes for the cosmetic industry. The factory also conforms to cosmetics good manufacturing practice guidelines.

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