Medium Salon Starter Bundle

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Not quite ready to take the plunge with our full salon bundle?
Then this is perfect for you!
3 x 4ml  Cactus & Sea Salt  Cuticle Oil Pen
3 x 4ml Sugar Fairy Cuticle Oil Pen
3 x 4ml Bubblegum cuticle oil pen
3 x 4ml Blueberry cheesecake cuticle oil pen 
3 x 4ml Pear Drops cuticle oil pen
3 x 4ml Tropical Juice Cuticle Oil Pen
3 x 4ml Aspen Cuticle Oil pen
3 x 4ml Maldives Cuticle Oil Pen
1 x "Nail Order" tester pot 
1 x 30ml Dropper Bottle (flavour of your choice)

24 Hole Display Stand

Our 4ml pens RRP £6 to £8
All of our cuticle oils are vegan, cruelty free, made in the UK and nut free!
Our delicious oils are all:
Made in the UK
Nut free
Cruelty Free

Key ingredients:
Wheatgerm Oil - contains vitamin A & D which helps cracked and dehydrated skin
Jojoba - Highly moisturising and healing
Grapeseed oil - High in vitamin E, nourishing and has anti ageing properties
UK cosmetic product number: UKCP-13634539

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