Full Cover Tip Bit Kit

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We've teamed up with Lucy Pastorelli to bring you the Full Cover Tip Kit.

This drill bit kit is perfect if you're using full cover tips and an eFile as part of your service and contains everything you need to prepare the nail for full cover tips and removal.

This kit is made up of 7 drill bits :

1 x 5-in-1 Black Ceramic
1 x Black Ceramic
1 x Ceramic Refiner Cone
1 x Mini Diamond Barrel² 
1 x Mini Pear Drop
1 x Diamond Ball
1 x The Etcher

5-in-1 Black Ceramic:
This bit is ideal for refining the tip at the cuticle and removing full cover tips, along with removing gel polish and refining bulk and infills. The bottom of the bit is medium grit, the middle section is fine grit and the tip is extra fine grit, making it the perfect all-rounder. Plus it's made from ceramic, meaning it doesn't create heat on the nail and will last longer.

The LP Ceramic - Black

No pressure is needed as this little beauty glides across the nail. The fanned edge on the tip of the drill bit removes the non-living tissue of the natural nail and also any product, with no pressure - Making it easier on the hand.

The Ceramic Refiner Cone
This bit is designed for refining full cover tips at the cuticle for a blended finish and removing any excess gel that may have seeped out during application. This bit is also ideal for removing seepage from underneath the free edge. 

The Mini Diamond Barrel² 

Designed to remove the non-living tissue from the cuticle and sidewalls. The small barrel shape allows you to get into those hard to reach areas, this combined with the square top helps you to get the perfect finish the whole way around the nail plate, removing dead tissue with ease.

The Mini Pear Drop
Small but mighty, the Mini Pear Drop can be used for a number of prep techniques and is a must-have drill bit to have in your kit.
It’s perfect for pushing back the cuticle and removing non-living tissue from the cuticle area. The small petite shape helps you get to those hard to reach areas, even on the smallest of nails, this bit guarantees the perfect prep every time.

The Diamond Ball
This fine grit diamond bit is designed to remove excess cuticle and clean the surrounding skin.

The Etcher
Designed for your full cover tips. This bit is the perfect shape for etching the inside of all full cover tips, no matter the size. 


The Full Cover Tip Kit Drill bits fit all eFile machines with a standard shaft width of 3/32”


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