Xtensions Starter Kit (DUE BACK IN STOCK DECEMBER)

Xtensions Starter Kit (DUE BACK IN STOCK DECEMBER)

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Xtensions are the newest and quickest to apply full cover tip system on the market. 

-Dust free option

-HEMA free option

-Lowest costing system on the market

-Created, trialled & tested by nail techs

-Available in multiple different lengths & shapes

Starter kit includes:

-15ml Xgel

-15ml Xtech

-15ml Xprime

-Xtensions stand


-600pcs tip box (Medium Coffin & Medium Almond sold out, consider adding a tip box)

Xgel is also available in a 30ml squeeze tube for ease of application and 15ml sensitive option.

Our Xgel is big 10 free (in fact it is 21 free!), cruelty free, vegan and can also be used to infill this system as well as a builder type base!


Application method:

1. Prep natural nails

2. Select tip sizes

3. Use Xetch to chemically etch the inside of the tip

4. Apply Xprime to the natural nail

5. Apply Xgel to the base of the tip and at a 45 degree angle line up to the cuticle, then slowly press down until the gel just covers the free edge.

6. Keeping a firm hold, raise to under the UV light and hold for approx 5 seconds (or until there is not movement)

7. Ask client to hold the curing finger under the lamp for 30 seconds whilst you work on the other hand.

IMPORTANT INFO... It is very important to ensure that you hold the finger no  closer than 10cm to the light when curing. If you place the nail too close to the light (as with any UV gel product) it could cause a heat spike which can lead to damage to the nail bed and conditions such as onycholysis.


Available only professional, qualified nail tech’s only, proof of qualification required on sign up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Killer Queen Nails
Changed my nail game forever

I've done a few sets now and can't believe I'm completing these with designs in the space of an hour!! That's a HUGE difference to my 2 hours for Acrylics with designs!! Clients are loving them and I'm getting a lot of bookings for them. The product themselves are solid, these bad boys aren't going anywhere! They are strong and look amazing. I completed the course and to avoid any confusion on application, anyone buying them, I'd recommend the course to them too! I've not had any issues with them and I think its because of the course. Can't wait for new tips!

Ceri Griffith

Everything you need to get started with xtensions very well thought out x

Able Nails

I can’t believe how easy it was to convert to nail orders Xtentions!!! So easy and the hands free torch is genius. And do I really need to mention the fact they’re a FRACTION of the price?!!!!??? Never going back💗💗

Siobhan MacLennan
Best ever!

Absolutely loving this new system -
Total newbie to full coverage tips but I’m converted!
Highly recommended!

Giacopazzi Tamara