All you need to know about PRESS ON NAILS!

Press on nails are a great way to make some money and keep your business going during lockdown and beyond.

Going to need a few things, most things we have we got from amazon, fast and cheap.


These are some links to order from Amazon:


Nail files  


Sticky Tabs.


Orange Sticks


Organza Bag


Mounting Tape










Yellow stand


Other stands


Long clear coffin tips


Long natural tips


Gel polish of your choice, glitter and brushes


Pricing, first of all decide what you are going to charge, we had a set system so it was easy for both us and the clients to decide on prices.

Plain £25

Basic Nail art £29

Advanced nail art £32

Custom £35


These prices are including postage and the full application kit. You can of course decide to have these prices separate but make sure you have a clear pricing strategy.


The nails may take you longer than expected so be sure not to under value yourself.


When taking your orders from clients you are ging to need to know 4 things:






In regards to size the easiest thing to do is have some set sizes, we had 3 set sizes S, M, L. Most people can look at their own nails and assess if they are small or large etc.


For our set sizes we decided on these sizes ….

S- 3,7,6,7,9

M – 2,6,5,6,8

L – 1,5,4,5,7


For people who are really unsure you can offer a sizing kit, ours was £3 inc postage and contained one of each size numbered in an organa bag, alternatively you can do a wee video to show them how to measure their own nails as such…



0 – 18mm

1 – 17mm

2 – 16.5mm

3 – 16mm

4 – 15mm

5 – 14.5mm

6 – 13mm

7 – 12mm

8 – 11mm

9 – 10mm


Lots of brands in full coverage tips don’t have a 10 but if they do, they will likely be one mm down in size. These sizes are mostly the same for the average brands but I’m sure some will differ so do check and compare them to each other and size up or down accordingly. As I’m sure you will know most people have the same size index and ring finger and the middle finger is usually one size bigger than this. So, if a client sends you sizes for instance 5,8,9,9,9 be sure to get them to double check and question them as it is likely wrong and make it clear that you can’t be held accountable for their mistakes.


Next length and shape, it’s up to you how many different options you offer but be warned filing them into shape takes much longer especially when not attached to a real person.

Best to stick to most popular for your clients.


Then ask design.


Charge the client before you make them as otherwise you will waste your own time, at this point upsell cuticle oil, we sold loads. “That will be £25 would you like to add on a cuticle oil for just £6” (shipping already covered)

How are you taking payment? link, bank transfer, card payments like square invoicing or shopify


It can be good to have some premade options available especially to start with.


So, to start sizes put in order

Etch inside

Light buff so polish doesn’t shrink

Stick to stands

Paint be careful to get the very edges


Decide on your backing card

Mounting tape (but in half)

Stick in order

Organza bag

What is in the kit (add price list to upsell your treatments)

Instructions inc removal (do a video)


We had loads of repeat business with them and continue to have clients ordering them even when the salon is open.


Below is a copy of the instructions we had made up. We went online and used a cheap card type paper, A6 and had them colour printed. Black and White will be cheaper.

Thanks for purchasing a set of our press-on nails, we hope you love them as much as we do!
It is important to follow the appropriate application steps to ensure you get the longest out of your nails as possible.
The longer the nails the less time they tend to last and its always important to be cautious with them to avoid injury.

Layout your nails in order of application and to prepare your nails for application please follow these steps:

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly
2. Using the orange stick gently push back your cuticle
3. Using the nail file/buffer gently etch your full nail surface to remove the shine, be careful and remember new nail files/buffers can be sharp
4. Using 1 alcohol wipe thoroughly wipe down your nails ensuring all dust and oils are removed
5. Let your nails dry thoroughly


At this point you can decide which application method you would like to use. The sticky tabs are for short term wear (a day or 2) and the glue is for longer term wear.

Sticky Tabs

  1. Select the size that matches your nail
  2. Peel off the backing and apply to your nail, rubbing hard to ensure good adhesion.
  3. Select correct size of extension and apply using a firm pressure.

    Nail Glue

    1. Apply a blob of nail glue to the extension (not too much or else it will spill out the edges and may not dry properly, although it does need to be a reasonable amount.
    2. Line the extension up to the cuticle at a 45-degree angle and slowly press down
    3. Hold the extension in place using a firm pressure for a few seconds
    4. To ensure the glue dries properly its best to avoid using your hands for approximately 10/15 minutes.


    To remove your Press on Nails, pop your hands in a bowl of warm soapy water until they start to loosen. Take care and don’t force them off.

    Stay safe and we hope to see you soon XXXX




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